12 Trending Bridal Hairstyles For 2020

Just like trending wedding décor, bridal hair trends also change with each passing year. Just takes a look at your mother’s wedding photos, feathered bangs and all. (Sorry, mom)

Now, what’s the biggest bridal hair trends today? Well, 2020 is all about texture, texture and lots of texture. Bridal hair is leaning towards thecool-girl styles and further away from the heavily sprayed looks and fixed curls. And natural with a bit mess and undone style is the new chic.

From hairs done up with super eye-catching accessories to Meghan Markle-inspired messy buns, here are the top wedding hairstylesthat this year’s bride will be sporting down the aisle.

Bridal Flowery Crowns

Classic up-dos and ethereal curls look even prettier and enchanting with horticultural halos. Flower crowns are most definitely back on the list and they are very much bigger than before.

Bridal hairstyles are in full bloomthis 2019 from the individual blossoms that are nestled in curls to the oversized floral crowns. In order to perfect this look, you can style your locks with some dedicated curl creams in order to minimize the mess and frizzand forming a more defined, shiny and soft curls.

Bridal Braid

Bridal braids reigned supreme this 2019, especially in bridal shows. Bridal braids are another way to add some cool-girl style to your bridal look and continuously grow more popular.

Classic, romantic, bohemian or relaxed, there is definitely a braid out there that suits everyone.

For a pretty but edgy swept-back style, you can switch it up a la Berta and chose for a dramatic plaited parting. For a volumized fishtail plait, you can start by blow-drying your hair, moving your roots from side to side and build the body in your tresses from the roots outwards.

Loose Chignons + Unique Accessories

2019 also features loose chignons with eye-catching, vibrant accessories. A nice hair accessory is a modern alternative to veil or it can be an amazing addition to one.

They are the coolest and easiest way to elevate any style. When choosing accessories, you just can’t get away from all things royal. So who would want to pass up the chance of wearing crowns, making you feel like a princess ready to be someone’s queen on your wedding day?

Bows and headbands are other striking ways to elevate the simple style of chignon to something wearable and remarkable.

Simple and Sleek Bridal Hair

The no-fuss brides can now choose for simplicity featuring a more controlled style. Paired with statement accessory and lip, an ultra-glossy, straight look has real aisle impact.

A good quality hairspray can keep the simple and sleek style in place followed by a spritz of some shine spray in order to leave your hair looking and smelling fantastic.

Bridal Ponytails

Thanks, Ariana Grande for this for more and more brides are requesting the sleek ponytails during their wedding day.

Worn low or high at the nape of the neck, these daring brides love the simple but sophisticated look of a ponytail that brings. Better yet, it does not matter what you look like since by simply adding strategic extensions, brides can achieve the fullness and length they desire.

Although understated, chic and classic, a textured and voluminous ponytail is still able to cause quite a stir. It is recommended to wear it as your evening look since it is sexy, fun and confident. You get to dance your night away and don’t worry about your hair at all.

Messy and Simple

The previous year was a major hair moment for the brides as more and more brides looked to looser, easier and less traditional hairstyles for their wedding day. And we have the newly minted duchess to thanks for this.

The mess-hair-don’t-care look is effortlessly chic and low-maintenance. Worn down or up, it holds up in humid or temperamental weather and brides do not have to worry loose ends in a few hours, because that just adds to the final look.

Tousled Soft Waves

As mentioned before, brides are looking for more effortless looks, like the “I woke up like this” look. Waves were a huge thing last year and are here to stay. With this hairstyle. It does not look like the bride spent hours of getting ready and the softness is still photographed beautifully.

For the 2019 brides who wish to replicate this effortless and simple hairdo, you only need to let your curls set through the morning for a style that can last the entire day. In case your hair does not hold curls really well, then you can get hair extensions to offer it more grip.

The “New” French Twist

A little less structured than the typical French twist (because brides do not want a roll standing proudly n their head anymore) and still adds more texture, this new French twist holds onto that classic feel.

Usually paired with lots of airiness and volume, this old-time classic has changed into something new.

Chic, Classic Buns

Chic buns are making a comeback. For the high-fashion and uber-sophisticated brides, clean and chic buns with minimal volume allow your wedding dress and makeup to do all the talking.

If you wish to try this with your tresses, you can use smoothing products for a clean and sleek finish. A major advantage of this minimalist look is that it allows brides to take more risks with their wedding dress and other aspects of their wedding day look.

Messy Updos

Brides look perfect in their messy look. And while 2019 offers more simple styles like messy buns and textured ponytails, messy updos are also here to try.

So, if you are planning to rock this royally approved style, you need to ensure that your hairstylist cuts your hair with the messy look in mind. If the loose pieces around the face are too long, then they likely will not wear well through the whole ceremony.

Now you can prevent that by using texturizing products before styling. Ask your hairstylist to spray it at the roots of your hair through your mid-lengths in order to add texture and volume.

Low Bun + Center Part

Chic and classy, a low bun with a parting on the center is another great hairdo to try. Again, you can thank Meghan Markle for this idea. For some brides, you can try adding a little texture in order to make this wedding look more relaxed, sophisticated and without the fuss.

In addition, this chic and trendy look only needs very little to accessorize and still makes a great impact on the aisle. You can pair it with small stud crystal earrings or some pearl earrings. To coordinate the look, you can use a set of simple pearl hairpins in order to add some texture and details or try using a minimalist wedding veil on a small comb.

Gorgeous Bridal Headpieces

If it being fashionable you are looking for, then be inspired by the like Eliza Jane Howell, Gracy Accad, and Yolan Cris, picking everything from pearls and feathers to pretty pins to bejeweled fringing.

It is no question that a well-placed headpiece can do wonder in transforming your look for your big day. If you like an Alice band, you can add it before putting your hair up so it looks built into your bridal look. You can then finish it off with a shine and hold spray.

Quick Tips: What Hairstyle Goes With My Wedding Dress?

Just like your hairstyle, there are not any hard and fast rules about what wedding dress can go with your hairdo. However. We do suggest some couple of things:

  • You can show off embellished and high neckline dresses with an updo.
  • A bohemian wedding dress can look fabulous with tousled sown-dos and flower crowns.
  • Strapless wedding dresses can leave you with total free-reign. A low chignon will look just as fabulous as tousled curls.
  • Low buns look amazing with off the shoulder or boat necklines.
  • Structured waves with side parting deeply compliment vintage wedding dresses.

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