Reasons Why PlayStation 4 Is Better Than Xbox One

The biggest players in the gaming console are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, these two consoles are rivals, they’re launched the same year, they almost have the same price, though Xbox One is just $100 more expensive, or with discounts, you can get a tie with PlayStation at $400.

There are lots of debates between gamers on which one is the best, they both have their similarities and differences, and for the new user it can be confusing to choose between the two.

Based on so many reasons we believed that PlayStation 4 is definitely steps ahead of Xbox One, the experience we have might be different from yours and you don’t necessarily need to agree with us on all the points we’ll share on why we believe PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are amazing games you can enjoy your time while staying at home, it’s just that PS4 features caught our attention than Xbox One, without any further delay, let’s share why we feel PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One.

Has better and exclusive games

Game collection play an important role in any game console, no matter how attractive a game console is, if they don’t have enough game collection it’s all for nothing. There is no gaming console that has a wide collection of games than PlayStation 4. Xbox One has amazing games like Gears Of War 4 and Halo 5, but on the other hand when you look at the exclusive games collection for PS4, you know that Sony is a few miles ahead of its competitors.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Resident evil 4, Spider man, death Stranding and The Last of Us: part two are just some of the collections you can add in your PS4 library. So our take is PS4 has the largest game collection than others and that’s one of the reason why we believe it’s ahead of its competitors like Xbox One.

The PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR headset provide virtual reality like no other. The best way to play games like Resident evil 7, Star Trek or Batman is by using VR headset. PS4 virtual reality is better than any console. If you give VR utmost importance, you should stick to PlayStation 4.

Better performance

You don’t need to upgrade to PlayStation 4 pro, even with the regular PS4 you can still experience the best performance, which is better than Xbox One or even the premium version. Xbox One games that typically play at 900p can run on full 1080p on PlayStation 4. Xbox One should stand down on performance because they’re no match for PS4.

PlayStation 4 looks better

I know most people don’t care about looks, but the nice look of PlayStation 4 will add a nice look on your table stand, the slants are nice and they’re way better than Xbox One and other competitors. The Xbox One definitely look like a monster and the bulbous power brick is really not that good looking at all. The nice and slim look of PS4 makes it attractive and that’s why they have more fans than Xbox One.

Easy to use

The menu presented to you on PS4 is really easy to navigate, that’s to say even your kids won’t be going through complex procedure to set up their account and other stuff. Xbox one menu is really a mess, the windows 10 Mashup and the old blade menu isn’t impressive at all. PlayStation 4 makes it easier to share screenshot or gameplay on different social media platform like Facebook and twitter, you can do that by only using the share button. This share button is absent on Xbox one, you can only share you screenshots and videos on Microsoft’s OneDrive.

It’s cheap and the games are cheaper

PlayStation 4 costs less than the price of Xbox One, the regular price is $400 and $500 respectively. This is the original launch price, but we’ve seen a drop in price for PS4 in recent months due to the fact that a new series is arriving soon, which is PS5. You can get a well refurbished PlayStation for at least $200-$300. You can also buy a new one with a huge discount.

Not only that PS4 console is cheap, the games are even cheaper. With the PlayStation 4 plus subscription you can access hundreds of games for free. Exclusive games also don’t cost much, by using your $10 PSN Card, you can buy a premium game from the PSN store. Generally speaking, Xbox One games are more expensive than PlayStation 4 games.

These are some of the reasons why we believed that PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One, there are other reasons though, we just decided to make the article short, if you believe Xbox One is better, leave your comments below by sharing your reasons.

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