What Is A ZipPhone, And How Can You Make Free Phone Calls?

A business called Zip Telephone is rendering it simpler to set secure, wifi empowered calls, so as to rescue consumers from consuming the limited quantity of cellular telephones which arrive together with their smartphone voice program.

That is clearly a common problem out North America where infinite calling plans are more predominant, though these users can still gain from Zip Phone while vacationing to truly save roaming charges.

But what’s interesting about it startup is the way the tech itself is profoundly integrated with all the Android os.

Zip Telephone’s creator, Anuj Jain, explains the program as a tool that you merely install once, and never look at again. Yes, it’s just another among the”imperceptible apps” — which is, programs that operate from the background, just turning off if required.

Jaina serial entrepreneur out of India who’s worked everything from mobile games for J2ME mobiles to automated trading programs and more created the concept of Zip Phone as a way to address an issue he confronted working out of the basement office together with poor cellular reception.

It is Better On Android

He wanted a lot more than only a Wi-Fi-powered cellphone calling program — you will find, naturally, lots of them but one which functioned smoothly with the Android OS.

“Why is Zip Phone different is it’s only ridiculously simple to utilize,” he states.

Together with different software, in the event you want to set a telephone into someone, you must establish the program, register in, determine who is on the web, then dial-up out of the program.

“With Reverse Telephone, you only should get it installed onto your own phone once, which is it.

Well, theoretically, you don’t just open it to have it installed, however what Jain way is that Zip Phone incorporates with the Android os and subsequently becomes part of one’s default calling experience. The program finds if you are on wi fi and gets control of the normal Android dialer the moment it sees each other also gets got the program installed. (The calls may be routed across cellular or Wi-Fi, as you need to, therefore it will not necessitate that both users have been attached to wifi for calls to experience.)

Moreover, Zip telephone offers make free calls online. The program encrypts the calls with a variety of encryption techniques (RSA along with also 256-bit AES encryption) in order that nobody, including the business itself, can listen. For every single phonecall, Zip Phone creates new encryption keys that will never be stored on the host or your own phone, which makes it not possible for calls to be eavesdropped on, even Jain states.

Privacy can be a main concern for the organization, too, he notes, adding Zip Phone does not store telephone logs or request any information besides your own contact number to be able to do the job.

Though Zip Phone gets the most sense on Android, at which it can turn its way into the operating platform, for much complete way, the business has now established an i-OS interface, which functions in a more conventional manner — a program you’ve got to launch so as to set your calls.

However, the creator would express that matches have dropped since linking y-combinator in June, at which they will have just rebuilt, redesigned, and redesigned the program.

Jain could be your only creator at the little, home-based business, and has never increased beyond financing beyond they c investment.

Other free calling options

The hang-outs program is packed on the Android apparatus, and anybody with a Google account may do the installation at no cost (as a plug-in their computer’s browser, or even within a program). Facetime, assembled into i-OS apparatus, works particularly well for calling other Apple users.

The largest barrier travelers face with Web calling is getting a wifi signal that is strong enough to get a call. Using a great signal, the audio quality is a lot better than a normal mobile connection; however, with a poor signal, the audio and sound can be dimmed and freeze. If you are experiencing your relationship, then consider turning the video off along with staying using an audio-only telephone number.

Skype, Viber, and hang-outs additionally do the job in making calls from their own computer to phones worldwide. Most services bill only a couple of pennies each minute (you should need to pre-buy some charge ). By way of instance, I use Skype to call beforehand in your home and book hotels, while I am planning a trip to ensure tomorrow’s booking without paying fees.

Additionally, this is an excellent, cheap method for folks home to telephone you at a European number (for those who have no your US phone together personally or do not desire to get charged for receiving a telephone ). Only give your hotel room phone number (or your own European phone ), plus so they could call you with Skype/Viber/ hang-outs for substantially cheaper than dialing directly in their US landline or cell phone.


Whenever you are in Europe, txt messaging across the cellular network generally costs money, using a few carriers charging every single message. Therefore, in the event that you’d like to send a few messages to sign in with family members and friends back home, it’s wise to make use of a program that enables you to send texts on wi fi.

Apple’s iMessage enables you to send text messages, pictures, and movies into additional Apple users at no cost over wifi, exactly like in your home. But if you’d like to make utilize of the i-phone’s messaging program to automatically send out a text message using a cellular network or even to speak to a non-Apple user, you’re utilizing data drifting.

A number of similar programs are accessible, All which Permit You to send a Text, picture, or movie clip into some other individual using that program:

  • Google+ Hang Outs (totally free, necessitates Google account; accessible for Android, I-OS, and many Browsers )
  • What is Program (no account required each use and free to download however 99 cents/year than to keep it busy; accessible to almost all Sorts of mobiles but does not operate between computers)
  • Viber (totally free, no accounts required; accessible for almost All Sorts of mobiles in Addition to Windows and Mac computers)
  • Facebook Messenger (free, and necessitates Face-book accounts; accessible on many platforms

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